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  Hollywood Bowl

Arks Voyage is a Destination Management Company where luxury service is provided for our clients.  It’s not about what we do, it’s about why we provide the services offered. The power of sharing an elegant experience, especially when personalized, is how we want to inspire people to travel around the world sharing their stories.

Arks Voyage believes so strongly about the quality of presentation and service, we have a slogan we stand by:

“Personalized Luxury Experiences”

Let us transform your next destination into an inspirational experience to share with family and friends.  Enjoy our Blog where you can read traveling stories and our social media channels.  We are your key to opening the doors for memorable voyages throughout the world!











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Happy Place

Everyone always needs to feel in a euphoric mood.  Happiness is one of the emotions one can't get enough of.  Now when you need a refill of pure happiness to get you going, come and visit the Happy Place:  An Immersive Pop-Up Exhibition!  Visit multiple rooms to stimulate your senses, especially the 25,000 smiling coin room, the hanging flowers, the rubber ducky bathtub, and more.  To retrieve more information about the Happy Place, click here!


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King Tut

California Science Center

At the California Science Center located near Downtown, Los Angeles, has a very special exhibit for a limited time!  King Tut with some of the most amazingly recent discoveries will be shown.  Once the show is over, they are permanently moving to Egypt at its formal place to rest.  Book tickets soon to view at the California Science Center, otherwise, we can book your trip to Egypt to see King Tut!  To learn about King Tut, click here!

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Museum of Selfies

Gallery located in Glendale but to be disclosed on their website for precise location, they will go into detail from a 40,000 year history of "Self Representation" in different mediums.  There will be many definitions of a type of selfie to where it's becoming an art.  There are always two sides to a story, to imagine where there is even a section of "selfie accidents."  For additional information, click here.

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Rooftop Cinema

Ricardo Montalbán Theatre

Alfresco's rooftop movie viewing is back in production for their fourth season screening movies on the roof top of Mantalbán's rooftop.  They choose a particular movie per viewing so this is a must do for movie lovers to be entertained in the heart of Hollywood.  To view their calendar of what movies are playing, click here.