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Arks Voyage is an Independent Travel Agency specializing in luxurious boutique experiences for one’s destination and doing meeting/event planning. Every person has a different definition of what luxury means to them, which is why Arks Voyage is the company to choose when you want to have a “priceless experience” when traveling or having your meeting/event spectacular.

Why choose Arks Voyage?

We offer luxury services, on top of exclusive perks from being a member of Virtuoso. Quality is our key element and our clients always come first.

Established in 2018, our vision is to ensure every client has a very unique personalized experience whether it’s a solo FIT traveler, corporate, meeting/event planning, or a group of any size. We are not the company that will price match/beat the online travel giants of the world, but we ARE the company that will build the itinerary with creativity, passion, dedication, and quality assurance showcasing we care for our clients. The difference besides personalizing and connecting with clients, is we put luxury in everything.

Ready to explore?

The power of sharing an elegant experience, especially when personalized, is how we want to inspire people to travel around the world sharing their stories or a meeting/event for a more memorable experience. There is a vast amount of excursions waiting to be personally explored by you! We are your key to opening the doors for memorable voyages throughout the world, contact us today!











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Electric Daisy Carnal, aka EDC, is an annual party held throughout the world. May 17th, 18th, and 19th of 2019 will be held in Las Vegas, the entertainment city in the world! Preview of the experience to capture when attending the Electronic Daisy Carnival held in Las Vegas, May 2019 video below.

There are many inspiring DJs around the world that produce the most amazing music: Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyke, and Time Penner to name a few. Tim Penner is from Canada and prior to beginning his weekly performance, about 85% of the time he has a motivational speech before the show begins. It’s DJs as Tim Penner that connect the entire world together through audio waves. Many times, those that appreciate music in any genre, can relate to this: music is the tempo that bonds us and tells a story through audio waves. It affects us emotionally as we can connect with the different frequencies. EDC is the location where ALL join for love, health, happiness, and longevity.

Arks Voyage has VIP packages available to purchase for EDC where you receive the following:

  • A private table with the best views of the Kinetic Field

  • Each table gets free entry for a certain number of guests

  • There is a special VIP check in tent for table reservations. And express entry into the venue

  • Clients get special transportation from the check in area to their table

  • Guests with tables get access to air conditioned bathroom facilities. VIP status

  • If there are last minute add on guests to table, its $1000 add on to table for food/bottles, does not include tax and service fee

  • Guests must be 21 or older

Click here for additional information about EDC!


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LA Art Show

Los Angeles Convection Center

Los Angeles has a huge diversity of culture in many mediums: food, fashion, architecture, and art. For a limited time, This LA Art Show is one of a kind showcasing more than 200,000 square feet of exhibition space from domestic and international artists. Come and explore the following:

Modern + Contemporary
Featured Programming

For more information and about the show, click here.

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Museum of Selfies

6757 Hollywood Blvd.

Are you ready to see the one location to become the King/Queen of Instagram??? This very unique presentation is for everyone and all ages. Museum of Selfies immerses guests where those visiting can go into the history and depths of this new age of taking photos and its unique artists representation. For additional info, click here.

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Rooftop Cinema

Ricardo Montalbán Theatre

Alfresco's rooftop movie viewing is back in production for their fourth season screening movies on the roof top of Mantalbán's rooftop. They choose a particular movie per viewing so this is a must do for movie lovers to be entertained in the heart of Hollywood. To view their calendar of what movies are playing, click here.