Ocean Cruises

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What is an ocean cruise?

Ocean cruises are much larger than a river cruise, where accommodations are around 6,000+ on the ship. Destination is further out toward remote locations such as Tahiti, Mediterranean ports, North Pole, etc. There are many dining room options and large scale entertainment; broadway shows, night clubs, and more. The benefit or such a large ship is the smoothness on the water. Some cruise ships have an IMAX theatre, roller coasters, spas, nightclubs, and more!

What would one expect on an ocean cruise?


Rooms tend to be larger for ocean cruise ships. They average to around 1,000 sq/ft. There are suites available with amazing balconies overlooking the water. There are a lot of amenities inside the rooms with whirlpool hot tubs, full showers, some have private bedrooms even!

Onboard Amenities:

The massive ocean cruise has a lot to offer. Imagine the following on a single boat:

  • Casinos

  • Rock climbing walls

  • Water parks

  • Fitness center

  • Entertainment

  • Nightclubs

FAQs about ocean cruises:

Who attends ocean cruising?

Depending on the company, it varies with age, but they are for everyone.

When is the best time to attend an ocean cruise?

Year round is always good, best to avoid certain area when it’s Hurricane season; you may tend to feel the ship rock more.

What should I pack when attending an ocean cruise?

Since weather shifts all the time and you are on the water which effects weather, it’s best to be prepared for warm and cool conditions. It’s important to definitely have outfits for a luxurious evening as there may be a dress code for certain activities such a fine dining or a ‘black tie’ event.