River Cruises

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What is a river cruise?

 Most of the time when one thinks of a cruise, they think of the ocean. River cruises are becoming more popular as it’s a very personal touch when going through a river, always surrounded by beauty of mother nature.

  • Leisure travel taking guests inland waterways

  • Several port stops for a variety of land experiences

  • Usually last longer than a week

River cruises show a lot of history as well since cosmopolitan cities developed along the rivers, it was the worlds first trade routes. Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest to quaint villages/towns, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Moscow, to name a few are awaiting to be seen, rivers provide easy access to these.

What would one expect on a river cruise?

There are a lot of amenities inside the rooms. There are stateroom where often are river-facing and equipped with hotel-style beds, private bathrooms, climate control, refrigerators, safes, and TVs. Next level up have French balconies, verandas, separate sleeping and sitting quarters. There are also restaurants, lounges and bars, free wi-fi, some ships have libraries, boutiques, pool and/or sun decks.

There are a variety of dining options where breakfast can be with a fresco, morning buffet, lunches and dinners can be eaten while viewing passing sights or with friends in a common sitting area. There are open seats where you can meet some new friends while traveling or perhaps sit with the same group you’ve already connected with. There are even wine pairings to get local tases to help get a closer understanding of a region culture.

FAQs about river cruising:

Who attends river cruising?

They are really for all ages, but generally appeal to those in the advanced age which is more or less the baby boomer generation. Although young kids attend, it’s not often since it’s limited with services available for them.

When is the best time to attend a river cruise?

I would say year round is a good time. Whether it’s on or off season, there is a lot to gain in the deep cultural experience per destination. When it’s Spring and Summer, you may witness local outdoor events and lively activities. During the colder seasons, there isn’t much activity outdoor, so you can relate to the city itself to a personal level.

What should I pack when attending a river cruise?

Since weather shifts all the time and you are on the water which effects weather itself, I would bring both warm and cool clothes. I also recommend high end clothing for a luxurious dining on the ship or within the local destination.